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Welcome to the GeckoTek Wiki site! This is meant to be a collection of information about 3D printing in order to help those of all skill levels and experiences troubleshoot problems and get more out of there 3D Printing experience. We are continuously adding new information about GeckoTek's products and other information that we think is helpful and encourage you to contribute as well.

GeckoTek was founded because 3D printing should be fun and accessible to everyone. The biggest problem most people have with desktop 3D printers is finding a reliable, easy to use build surface. It is so frustrating when parts peel up or fall off the platform. We believe that our EZ-Stik Build Surface and Build Plates solve this problem once and for all!

EZ-Stik Build Surface

EZ-Stik is the first truly Reliable, Re-usable 3D printer build surface. GeckoTek's Advanced Coating Technology provides maximum adhesion prevent warping and easy part removal. Simply cut your EZ-Stik surface to size with standard scissors, then use the peel and stick adhesive backing to attach to your build platform.

Getting Started with EZ-Stik