I am incredibly impressed with the Build Plate!!!! It is ten times better than the hairspray and glass. It’s definitely going to be my main build surface from now on

John H.

Just wanted to say I got my plates today and I’m impressed! I have tried everything out there and I do mean everything. You have a winner here. Wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Colen C.

I am still very impressed with your product and would like to order a 3rd time 🙂

Jan K.

I have been using one on my KC since the day they released it. I wouldn’t print without it!

Brian F.

I have been printing on my Kickstarter RepRap Base & HT Plates (almost non-stop) for over a month now. and I swear by your products!!!!!!!!! This plate with PLA or ABS just works, every time!!!!!

Stephen B.


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