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The first reliable, reusable Build Surface for every 3D printer.

What sets us apart? Material science.

Geckotek Cutting


I am incredibly impressed with the Build Plate!!!! It is ten times better than the hairspray and glass. It’s definitely going to be my main build surface from now on

John H

I am still very impressed with your product and would like to order a 3rd time :)

Jan K

Just wanted to say I got my plates today and I’m impressed! I have tried everything out there and I do mean everything. You have a winner here. Wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Colen C

I have been using one on my KC since the day they released it. I wouldn’t print without it!

Brian F

I have been printing on my Kickstarter RepRap Base & HT Plates (almost non-stop) for over a month now. and I swear by your products!!!!!!!!! This plate with PLA or ABS just works, every time!!!!!

Stephen B

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