EZ-Stik Cold 3D Printer Build Surface


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At GeckoTek, we developed EZ-Stik to solve the two biggest problems in 3D Printing with one great product. EZ-Stik gives you excellent first layer adhesion and painless part release, every time! The difference is our Advanced Coating Technology. EZ-Stik is 3D Printing made easy!

  • EZ-Stik COLD is for printers with non-heated beds.

    Here's what you get with EZ-Stik:

    • Reliable first layer adhesion every time

    • Safe and easy part removal when your job is done

    • Long lasting durability - Designed to last over 100 prints!

    • Works with PLA, Flexibles, and Wood/Brick

    • Fits every 3D Printer! Easily cuts to size with household scissors
  • Reliable First Layer Adhesion: Our scientifically formulated Advanced Coating Technology provides maximum adhesion, eliminates warping, and ensures that your parts don't come off until your job is done.

    Safe and Easy Part Removal: We created the EZ-Stik Build Surface so that you can stop worrying about breaking your parts during removal. With EZ-Stik, even the most delicate parts release with ease. No metal paint scraper required!

    Long Lasting Durability: EZ-Stik Build Surfaces are designed to last over 100 prints without losing adhesion.

    Material Flexibility: EZ-Stik COLD works with multiple filaments, including PLA, Flexibles, and Wood/Brick!

    Fits Every 3D Printer: EZ-Stik can be easily cut down to size with household scissors to perfectly fit your print bed!

  • Printer Setup: You should re-level your printer's build platform after installing EZ-Stik. We recommend that you start with a slightly higher Z home position than you normally use and move it down as needed.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Using scissors, carefully trim the EZ-Stik Build Surface sheet to fit your print bed.

    2. Clean your print bed to ensure it is free of dust and debris.

    3. Remove the adhesive backing on the EZ-Stik sheet. Starting at one edge, press the sheet onto your print bed and smooth with fingers to push out air bubbles.

    4. Start printing!

    Part Removal: When printing finishes, allow part to cool down completely. Remove part from print bed by hand, or apply gentle pressure with a plastic removal tool. Metal scrapers or other tools are NOT recommended.

    Care & Cleaning: We recommend that you give the EZ-Stik surface a quick wipe with an alcohol pad every five to ten prints. That's it!

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