How Did We Get Started?

About Us

GeckoTek was founded because 3D printing should be fun and accessible to everyone. The biggest problem with desktop 3D printers is the build surface. It is so frustrating when parts peel up or fall off the platform. So many people resort to glue stick and hairspray, only to find it’s impossible to get the parts off. GeckoTek’s build surfaces solve this problem once and for all!

In 2014, we launched our first Kickstarter campaign from my garage. We received an amazing response and were able to deliver on the promise that we made to create The Most Advanced 3D Printer Build Plate.

GeckoTek developed EZ STIK because we received an amazing response to our original build plates, but there are so many different 3D printers out there that we couldn’t make a different size to fit each one. To solve this problem, EZ STIK is made from a durable high-temperature polymer film that you can easily trim with scissors to fit your build platform.