Printing with Nylon

EZ-Stik Hot

Nozzle - 230C (240C first layer)

Bed – 30-50C

There are a very large variety of nylon filaments and many are blended with other materials to make them easier to print. Therefore, whenever printing with an unfamiliar nylon it’s very important to experiment to find the best settings. It’s typically a good idea to start with a lower bed temperature and increase as needed to prevent warping. Some nylons will even print great on EZ-Stik at room temperature. 

Most nylons recommend an extruder temperature higher than 240C. When using EZ-Stik you must not exceed 240C for the first layer. This doesn’t typically cause any issues because the first layer is generally done at a slower speed. 

Removing nylon parts can sometimes be tricky. Use a plastic scraper as needed if it’s not easy to find a place to lift the part from. It may help to heat the bed up to 50-60C to soften the plastic making it easier to remove.