Printing with PETG/PETT

EZ-Stik Hot

Nozzle - 230C

Bed – 70-80C

There is a large variation in PETG and PETT filaments. The best settings for each brand and printer setup can vary. It’s typically best to start with a lower bed temperature like 70C (or even down to 60C) and increase as needed to prevent any peeling. Some PETGs have a higher recommended extruder temp than others. Remember to not exceed 240C for the first layer. After that the extruder can be increased to the filaments recommended settings. 

Some PETGs can be hard to remove from EZ-Stik (or any build surface!). If you are having trouble removing a part, try heating the print surface up to 50-60C to soften the plastic. This can help when removing large parts.