EZ-Stik User Guide

About EZ-Stik

If you have not yet attached EZ-Stik to your build surface, see the section on Installing EZ-Stik.

There are 2 versions of EZ-Stik:

  • EZ-Stik Hot is for 3D Printers with a heated bed.
  • EZ-Stik Cold is for 3D printers without a heated bed.

Typical settings

The most important thing you can do is ensure that you have the print bed leveled correctly. Every 3D printer has its own procedure for leveling, so check your user manual for instructions regarding leveling your 3D printer.

When printing on EZ-Stik, there is no need to 'squish' the first layer. Instead you will get the best adhesion with an accurate first layer thickness.

Below is a list of typical settings that work for most materials. There are variations between different filament brands, so the best settings will vary. More information is available in the Category:Filaments. All temperatures in degrees Celsius.

EZ-Stik Hot
Filament Extruder Bed
PETG 230 70-80
ABS 230 100-110
PLA 200 50-60
Nylon 230 30-50
Flexible 230 50
  • Do not exceed 110C on the print surface or 240C for the extruder on the first layer. Extruder temperature can be increased after the first layer.
EZ-Stik Cold
Filament Extruder
PLA 210
Nylon 200-220
Wood/Brick 200-230
  • EZ-Stik Cold is not intended to be heated but it can be used at up to 50C to increase adhesion. Do not exceed 240C on the extruder for the first layer. Temperature can be increased after the first layer.

In general, the higher the temperatures the more adhesion the part will have to the surface. If you have issues with peeling, try increasing the bed temperature by 10C. If you are having a hard time removing a part, try decreasing the bed temperature by 10C.

Removing parts

Allow the printed part and build platform to cool completely before attempting to remove the part.

Once the surface has cooled, it is common to be able to remove parts by lifting at the corner with your hand. More difficult parts may require a tool to get under the part. We recommend using our plastic removal tool. Press the edge of the removal tool against one edge of the part. Press gently against the part and wiggle to tool back and forth. If the part doesn't release then move to a different area of the part. It may not seem like you are making progress, but eventually the part will come loose.

Maintenance and cleaning

There is little maintenance required with EZ-Stik surfaces. The surface is not especially sensitive to fingerprints and it is not required to clean the surface between prints. However we recommend cleaning EZ-Stik every 5-10 prints or as needed with a soft towel and a 70:30 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning wipes can be purchased from GeckoTek.

Removing EZ-Stik

Simply pull EZ-Stik sheet from the surface of your printer. If adhesive patches remain, they can be removed by soaking in Goo Gone or professional liquid adhesive remover.

Troubleshooting EZ-Stik

See Troubleshooting EZ-Stik