Troubleshooting EZ-Stik

Parts not sticking?

If you are using ABS and it is lifting from the bed during printing, you may have issues with either your ambient temperature or with the bed temperature. If you are in a colder room, try building an enclosure around your printer and limiting the amount of cooled air allowed into the room.

If PLA is not sticking, be sure the nozzle is close enough to the EZ-Stik, but not so close that it scrapes the EZ-Stik. Be sure your extruder is hot enough - PLA generally prints best between 200 and 210C.

Parts hard to remove?

Allow your parts to cool before removing them from EZ-Stik.

How to remove a single layer

Many slicing software automatically includes a single layer outline of the part to prime the extruder and hotend prior to starting the print. Usually picking at this layer with your fingernail is enough to peel up a small portion of it from which the rest may be removed.

What to do if EZ-Stik is damaged

If bubbles have formed under your EZ-Stik and are warping your prints, you may be able to press them out by creating small incisions with a razor blade and pressing the EZ-Stik down toward your printer surface.

Removing and replacing EZ-Stik

Starting at one edge, pull the EZ-Stik up from your printer bed. If adhesive residue remains, it can be lightly soaked in adhesive remover such as Goo Gone or 3M Adhesive Remover. After a couple of minutes, it should easily scrape up with a razor blade.

What not to do to EZ-Stik

  • Do not clean EZ-Stik with acetone.
  • Do not try to remove parts when they are still warm. EZ-Stik is designed to release the parts automatically when they cool.
  • Do not heat the surface past 110 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not sand the surface of EZ-Stik. Sanding will affect the adhesion.