EZ-Stik: How Does It Work?

EZ-Stik 3D Printer Build Surfaces solve two of the most common problems in 3D printing with one easy-to-use product.

Low-quality build surfaces lack proper first layer adhesion and refuse to release printed parts when the job is done. Countless projects are ruined by layers that warp and peel, or parts that break to pieces when you try to pry them off your surface. EZ-Stik solves both problems at the same time! But what sets EZ-Stik apart from all the rest?

The difference is our Advanced Coating Technology!

EZ-Stik's Advanced Coating Technology creates a powerful bond with the first layer of your print, to prevent warping.

It's science!

We blended chemistry, engineering, and material sciences to craft the ideal printing surface for every 3D printer!

Great Adhesion & Painless Release, Every Time!

That's the long and short of it. After the print is finished, the bond dissolves for a safe and easy releaes!

At GeckoTek, we're dedicated to helping people everywhere build better and create more. Our EZ-Stik build surfaces can be cut to fit any size print surface, and we offer both EZ-Stik HOT for printers with heated beds, and EZ-Stik COLD for printers with unheated beds. Click below to find the EZ-Stik that's right for you!

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EZ-Stik Hot

The ultimate solution for printers with heated beds.

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EZ-Stik Cold

The ideal print surface for printers with unheated beds.

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