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Every day, educators around the world bring 3D printing into the classroom with projects that inspire creativity and utlize cutting-edge technology and design. That's awesome!


And every day, those same great projects are ruined by low-quality build surfaces that don't provide consistent adhesion, or worse, don't easily release the finished part. That's less awesome!

We developed EZ-Stik Build Surfaces to make 3D printing easier for everyone! Our Advanced Coating Technology is what gives each sheet of EZ-Stik its perfect first layer adhesion and painless part release, every time.

So if you've struggled with parts that won't safely and easily release, or a print bed that's a mess from too much glue, hairspray, and tape, then we want you to see what a difference EZ-Stik can make!

To get started, simply enter your email address to receive a huge discount on EZ-Stik. It's that easy!

Not quite ready to give out your email address? No problem? You can learn more about EZ-Stik and how it works by clicking here.

At GeckoTek, we love 3D printing! And we want you and your students to love it too!! That's why we're commited to making 3D printing easier for educators and students everywhere, so that the builders, makers, and designers of the future can have the best possible tools at their disposal today. Learn more about GeckoTek and our mission by clicking here.


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