Rostock Max Magnetic Build Plate Installation Guide

These are installation instructions for the GeckoTek Magnetic Base for the Rostock Max and Rostock Max 2. After installing the Magnetic Base, you will be able to use GeckoTek Build Plates without clips or tape.

If you have questions or discover an issue with the installation process, please let us know.

You will need the following to complete the installation process:

  1. GeckoTek Rostock Max Magnetic Base
  2. Phillips screwdriver
  3. 4-40 x 1” long screws (included)

Step 1: Remove the glass build surface.

Step 2: Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the 6 mounting screws that hold the print bed heater in place. Be careful with the stand offs; if you can manage to not move them, reassembly will be easier.

Step 3: Place the Magnetic Base on top of the bed heater and reinsert the new longer screws that come with the kit. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver, but do not over-tighten or the threaded inserts will break loose.

Step 4: Place the GeckoTek Build Plate on the Magnetic Base and go through the manufacturer recommended leveling procedure.

You are now ready to 3D Print with your GeckoTek Build Plate!