Robo3D R1 Magnetic Base Install Guide

These installation instructions apply to the the GeckoTek Magnetic Base for the Robo3D R1/R1+. When you are finished, you will be able to use GeckoTek Build Plates without the need for clips or tape. The aluminum magnetic base provides even heating across the entire surface form, allowing you to use the entire build area.

The stock power supply only has enough power to heat the bed up to about 75C. This is enough for PLA, PET and Nylons. If you would like to print with ABS you will need to purchase a 24V power supply. Instructions are available here.

Read all instructions before beginning the installation process. There will be minor changes to the Robo3D Printer and the GeckoTek Magnetic Base over time so your installation may differ slightly.

This upgrade does not work with the Kickstarter Version of the Robo3D Printer with drawer slides on the y­-axis. It is possible to upgrade it to use that R1 magnetic attachment y­-axis using open source plans.

If you have questions or discover an issue with the installation process please let us know on the discussion page.

You will need the following to complete the installation process:

  • GeckoTek Robo3D R1 Magnetic Base
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • (Optional) ­ Needle nose pliers

Step 1: Remove the original bed

With the 3D printer connected, remove any filament that is in the printer and raise the extruder at least 100mm above the build platform.

Turn off the printer and disconnect the power and USB cables. If the printer was recently in use, allow the extruder and bed to cool down.

Carefully remove the original glass bed from the y-­axis carriage magnets and gently tip the printer on its side. It is easiest if the back of the printer is to the right and the left side of the printer is down.

Note: The top case is removed in the pictures. This is optional and not necessary to complete the install process.

With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the bottom of the printer and remove the cover. Set the screws and cover aside so they don’t get lost.

Be aware that there is a fan attached to the cover. Pull the cover slightly away from the printer and disconnect the fan before removing the cover.

Peel off the tape holding the wires to the heated bed in place. Only peel enough to free the wires so the tape is still partially attached.

Remove the connectors for the bed heater and thermistor from the control board by gently wiggling and pulling. Make a note of the locations for each plug.




Step 2: Prepare the GeckoTek magnetic base

With a small flathead screwdriver, loosen the screws in the power connector and remove the connector from the original build platform wires. Place the connector aside so you will not lose it.

Pull the wires from the stock build platform through the opening in the case so that it is free from the printer, and set it out of the way.

Get the GeckoTek Magnetic Base and remove the Build Plate so it doesn’t get scratched in the install process.

Feed the wires through the opening in the back of the case.

Attach the original power connector to the power wires from the Magnetic Base using the small flathead screwdriver. These will be the wires with bare ends exposed. It doesn’t matter which wire goes in which side. Make sure that the wires are inserted all the way up to the insulation when tightening the screws.

Step 3: Attach the GeckoTek Magnetic Base

Connect the wires from the Magnetic Base to the control board in the same locations that the original wires were connected.

The thermistor connection point is harder to see. It is labeled ‘T1’. See picture for location.


Gently pull the wires through until the wire wrap on the wires from the Magnetic Base loosely touches the case. Then re­attach the tape inside the bottom of the case to hold the wire in place. You may need to lean the Magnetic Base up against the side of the case to pull enough of the wires through.

Re­attach the bottom cover to the printer with the Phillips screws and screwdriver. Take care to re­connect the fan in the lower cover to the control board in the process.

It helps to insert one side of the cover and lean it close to the case so the fan wire can reach the control board. See picture for connection location on the control board.



Once the cover is attached, carefully set the printer upright.

Place the Magnetic Base onto the y-­axis carriage magnets.

Attach the Build Plate on top of the Magnetic Base and re­level the printer. If you have automatic leveling capability, it is good practice to do so before every print.

You are now ready to print!