Makerbot Replicator, Flashforge Creator and Duplicator 4 Magnetic Base Install Guide

Please note these instructions do not apply to the Flashforge Creator Pro, which reuses all its original hardware during installation.

This guide is to assist you in installing your GeckoTek Magnetic Base into your Makerbot Replicator, Flashforge Creator, Duplicator 4 or other similar 3D Printer.

Before performing this procedure, make sure that your 3D printer is off and unplugged. If the extruder or build platform is hot from a recent print, allow it to cool down to room temperature before beginning the installation process.

Things you will need

The installation kit provides you with a 2.5mm hex wrench. You will also need a 5.5 mm (7/32”) end wrench, adjustable wrench or a pair of pliers. Some of the hardware is reused. Take care to not lose any parts during the install process.

Step 1: Disconnect and remove the build platform

Unscrew all the thumb nuts used to level the bed. Disconnect the wires connected to the build plate heater.

Step 2: Disassemble the build platform. Using the included hex key and end wrench, remove all the bolts holding the build plate heater to the aluminum plate. Do not discard any of the hardware; much of it is re-used.

Step 3: Attach the magnetic base to the original build plate heater. First, install the original 4 long leveling bolts and tighten the locknuts on each. Make sure the finger cut-out is facing the front. Next, use the included M3x16mm bolts and the original lock nuts to secure the rest of the magnetic base to the build plate heater. Make sure all the nuts are snug, but don’t over-tighten.

Step 4: Once the magnetic base is attached to the build platform heater, install it back onto the printer using the new leveling screws. The magnetic base adds some height to the platform and the shorter springs help with leveling. Re-connect the build plate heater wires.

Step 5: Place the GeckoTek Build Plate on the Magnetic Base and go through the bed leveling process. Then start printing!