About EZ Stick Light


Fits Every 3D Printer

EZ-Stik surfaces easily cut with standard scissors to fit your build platform. Each sheet of EZ-Stik comes with a high-temperature pressure sensitive adhesive backing, eliminating the need for binder clips. The thick durable polymer film makes it easy to get a smooth, bubble-free application.

First Layer Perfection

We know how frustrating it is when the first layer doesn’t stick, or when parts come off before they’re completed. EZ-Stik’s Advanced Coating Technology is designed to reliably prevent peeling. No need for a raft or to ‘squish’ the first layer. Print even the most difficult parts up to 8 inches long with no peeling.

Easy Part Removal

Removing parts is a snap with EZ-Stik. Once the printer has cooled down, the parts come right off. No need to worry about breaking parts during removal. We recommend our non-scratching removal tool to make quick work of even the most difficult parts.

Lasts Over 100 Prints

Even under the toughest conditions, EZ-Stik Build Surfaces last over 100 prints without losing adhesion. Exact life span varies depending on the materials, settings, and 3D printer. Many customers get over 300 prints on a single sheet.


Artboard Temperature Chart