About Build Plates

EZ-Stik Build Plates are high performance, versatile, cost-effective, and easy to use. They’re the perfect product for anyone who is tired of using tape or glue to get their parts to stick to the print bed.

How does it work?

Our EZ-Stik Build Plates are made of high quality spring steel with our patent pending EZ-Stik coating, designed to allow your plastic filament to adhere perfectly while printing and release easily when cooled. The sheet can be attached to a printer bed using clips or magnets.

No need to let your bed cool down between prints!

To keep printing non-stop with our build plates, simply remove the plate from the printer for rapid cooling and flex for easy removal. Print even more by ordering two build plates and changing them out when printing completes!

How to install a Build Plate

GeckoTek offers magnetic bases for several popular printers, which allow the build plates to simply cling to the surface while in use. Click here to browse our selection of magnetic bases.

If we don’t have a magnetic base for your printer, you can still use a build plate! Simply clip your build plate to the surface of your printer and start printing. We also offer EZ-Stik self-adhesive print surfaces which require no clips!

How to use your Build Plate

After installation, be sure to re-level your printer bed, and then simply start printing. There is no need to apply tape, glue, or any other material to your print surface. The plate will perform best if cleaned gently with isopropyl alcohol every 5-10 prints.

If you don’t have room to clip a build surface to your printer, we recommend EZ-Stik!