Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about GeckoTek products. If you have a question not listed here or need clarification on anything, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’re so glad you asked! GeckoTek Build Plates are the first build surface scientifically developed specifically for 3D printing. We designed each coating to have the optimal properties to allow you to spend more time printing and less time gluing and scraping.

Almost all ABS, PLA, PETT, PETG, TPE and nylon filaments can be printed with GeckoTek. See the user guide for more details.

Many slicing software automatically includes a single layer outline of the part to prime the extruder and hotend prior to starting the print. Usually picking at it with your fingernail is enough to peel up a small portion of it. If that doesn’t work, you can use the point of a razor blade to pick up a portion of the layer. Do not scrape with a metal blade or it will damage the coating.

We do! Contact us for wholesale pricing. Custom graphics and sizes are available.


Most items ship within 48 hours, if not much sooner. If the order is received after about 10am Eastern time, it usually goes out the next business day.

All orders are shipped from our office in Cincinnati, OH.

We use USPS First Class and Priority Mail for domestic orders, and USPS First Class and Priority International on most overseas orders. We can also ship via DHL. If you need your order shipped by a different carrier, please contact us for a quote.


Simply pull EZ-Stik sheet from the surface of your printer. If adhesive patches remain, they can be removed by soaking in Goo Gone or professional liquid adhesive remover.

Super easy! At least we think so. The sheets easily cut to size with scissors and are made from thick polymer film to help prevent bubbles from forming. Anyone can do it if you take you time and be careful. For installation tips, click here.

About 0.018″ thick.

The setting for EZ Stik are very similar to what is used for GeckoTek Build Sheets. The exact settings vary based on the 3D printer and filament. Set the extruder according to the filament manufacturer’s recommended temperature. We find the following to be the best bed temperatures to use with EZ Stik Hot.

ABS: 100-110C

PLA: 50-60C

PETG: 80-100C

Nylon: 30-50C

Each sheet, if used properly, will last over 100 prints without losing adhesion. It depends on the printer, filament and what parts you print. The adhesion will slowly reduce over many prints so it’s up to you how often you want to replace it. Many customers have reported over 300 prints.

EZ-Stik works great with most types of auto leveling. Here are the different types of sensors that work.

Inductive proximity sensors: This is the type of probe used by Printrbot and others, which works great with EZ-Stik. An induction sensor will not detect EZ-Stik directly because it is non-conductive, but it will sense the stock conductive surface beneath it. Once you apply the EZ-Stik surface, either add 0.45mm to the z-offset or go through the sensor calibration process again.

Physical Touch sensors: EZ-Stik surfaces work great with touch sensors that sense using some type of limit switch. It is best to not heat the extruder before leveling, because a fully heated extruder may damage EZ-Stik if it comes into direct contact with the surface.

Ultimaker 3 Active Leveling System (Capacitive Sensing): Ultimaker 3 Active Leveling works great with EZ-Stik, as it is designed for non-conductive surfaces.

The vast majority of parts will print perfectly with no raft or brim. This leads to nicer looking parts and less material use. Some extremely difficult large parts (> 9″ long) may need a small brim to prevent slight lifting at the corners.

This may happen with prints that have a large area attached to the build surface. For PLA prints that won’t come off when the bed cools to room temperature, we recommend warming the bed to about 40°C.

Build Plates

This happens sometimes with larger parts. The peeling forces can be so high that it pulls the build plate off the magnets. You can add a few binder clips to the edges to hold the build plate down.

We have customers that report over 300 prints on a single build plate. The exact number depends on the usage. If you take proper care of your build plates, they will last well over 100 prints. We estimate the average user will get 1-2 years of use out of the plates.

Not much! We recommend wiping the surface down with isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth every 5-10 prints to keep the build plates free of dirt and oils.

Our new EZ-Stik Build Plates are made with flexible spring steel, so flex away.

Magnetic Bases

Magnetic bases are precision machined aluminum plates with embedded magnets. They allow for quick and easy attachment of GeckoTek Build Plates to your 3D printer. We highly recommend getting a magnetic base to get the most out of your Build Plate.

We are in the process of expanding our magnetic base selection. We would love to get your feedback on which printers to support. Please let us know if you would like a magnetic base made for your printer.